Download and Install WS_FTP95 LE

WS_FTP95 LE is an excellent FTP (file transfer protocol) program.

Many professionals use this little program for all of their file-transferring tasks.
Now you can install and use the same FTP program for FREE!

Print this page and follow the directions to install WS_FTP95 LE

First, create a new folder to save WS_FTP into.
Go to My Computer and Double-Click C:
Then click your FILE pull-down menu and select NEW - FOLDER
Type a name for the folder.  ftp-software   will work.  Hit Enter

Then download WS_FTP45.EXE   Save into the new ftp-software folder.

Click Here to Download

Now we are ready to set-up the program!

Open My Computer
Open C:
Open "ftp-software" folder.

Double-Click the WS_FTP45.EXE file.
It will create several files in the same folder.
Close the ms-dos window.

Double click on the Inst32.exe to start the set-up.
Select "Continue".
Click "Accept".
Click "Ok".
Select "32 bit 2 window version".

When you have finished setting up the program, you can start the program from your Start button under the Programs menu.

After starting the program, you need to set up a profile.

PROFILE: Name For These Settings(put anything you like here)

Host Name/Address: (your IP Address OR domain name here)

Host Type: Automatic Detect

User ID: (your username here)

Password: (your password here)

Then check the "Save Password" box.

Leave Account box empty. Nothing else is required.
Now push the "Ok" button and it will connect to your domain.
You must be connected to the internet to connect to your domain.

When connected, in the RIGHT window, double-click the public_html folder to open the folder. ALL your files and folders MUST go in this folder!

The LEFT window will display all the files and folders on your computer.
The RIGHT window will display all the files and folders on your web site.

In the LEFT window, navigate and locate your web site files.
Highlight the file or files you want to transfer and then click the arrow in the center pane to transfer the files to the RIGHT window, your web site.

Just make sure you always have the correct folder open in the RIGHT window when you transfer files. Whatever folder you have open is where the files will go!
You open folders by double clicking on them. And the little green arrows, near the top, take you back again.


PLEASE NOTE: If you use Windows 2000, Millenium or a Mac, you are recommended to download a compatible version of WS_FTP from the following URL.

WS_FTP 95 FAQ - Common problems and solutions

1. When I use WS_FTP to connect to xxxxxx, I get connected ok, as well as logged in, but the list box for the remote side remains blank. In the status window the last thing I see is "DoDirList returned 4".

Answer: Change your MTU setting in your network stack to 576. (see end of document for doing this on Window 95)

2. When I use WS_FTP to connect to xxxxxx, I get connected ok as well as logged in, but the list box for the remote side remains blank or contains garbage.

Answer: Go to Options -> Session Options and change the host type. Try "UNIX (standard)", "Sun Solaris",  "WinQVT/Net", "Ipswitch" and THEN any other types that may seem to be correct.

3. When I use WS_FTP to connect to "" the host dialog boxes are not filled in correctly.

Answer: Set the host type to WinQVT/Net ** OR ** start your e-mail address with a hypen (-). This is set in the Options -> Program Options screen.

4. When I use WS_FTP32 to connect to a site, it gives me a "write error" when attempting to retrieve the directory listing.

Answer: Open a DOS window and enter "set". Then create the directory specified by your TMP and TEMP environment variables.

5. WS_FTP only returns NNNNN bytes of a file and can never retrieve the whole file.

Answer: Set your MTU in your program stack to 576.

6. WS_FTP does not always return a complete file and leaves off from 50 to 512 bytes.

Answer: Some network stacks do not properly handle data packets that have the FIN flag set. These stacks  improperly return a length of zero to a blocking recv socket call and do not make all the data available to the application. Contact your network stack provider for an updated version of the network stack.

7. WS_FTP can only connect to the WS_FTP site and nothing else or WS_FTP can't connect to anything.

Answer: Configure your name server in your stack. Talk to your internet provider for the proper values for DNS.

8. WS_FTP32 won't run on Windows 95.

Answer: Use the built in Microsoft TCP/IP stack that comes with Windows 95 or get a 32 bit network stack from your network stack provider. You can NOT run a 32 bit network application on a 16 bit network stack on a 32 bit operating system.

9. How can I transfer directory structures?

Answer: Simply select the directory you want to transfer and click the transfer arrow.

10. How can I transfer multiple files?

Answer: Use the CTRL key with the left mouse button and select the files you want to transfer. Then click the proper transfer arrow.

11. How can I transfer a file that contains special characters or is hidden?

Answer: Click the transfer arrow when NO file is selected and you will be prompted for the file name to retrieve.

12. Why don't you add the ability to retry a connection when it is busy?

Answer: It already has that ability. Look for "retries" in the Advanced Connect dialog.

13. Why are files corrupted after transfer?

Answer: Make sure you transfer TEXT files in Text mode and MOST other files in BINARY mode. If you still have problems, verify that you have hardware flow control enabled on your modem. If you have NetCom stack, turn in a bug report to NetCom. If you have Trumpet 2.1d, update to 2.1f or drop back to 2.0b.

14. How do I transfer files from the command line?

Answer: Please read the WS_FTP.TXT file that comes INSIDE the ZIP file. It contains the command line info.

15. How can I change to a hidden directory?

Answer: Click the right mouse button and select "FTP Commands" and then select "CWD". You can then manually enter a directory name to get to.


If you have other questions, click Support at